I often feel really awkward when I receive a gift.

Some people are really easy to buy for. I’m one of them. Except for one big quirk.

I don’t drink. As in, completely. Wine, beer, cake with a bit of alcohol in it, nothing. Never have.

People who know me, know this.

So when someone gets me something like this, I have to figure out how long I’m going to maintain the ruse that I’ll actually open it someday.

Drinker or not, these sorts of gifts aren’t the best gifts we can give to others.

What’s the BEST gift you can give to a client?

It’s not “bringing the gift of yourself by showing up fully”. It’s not “bring a gift basket with chocolate turtles”. Sorry, Mike.

The first causes people to fall in love with their own work. The second tastes good but is unrelated to their journey.

So what’s the BEST gift you can give to a client? I’d say it’s this: The gift of their own future, dragged into the now.

People buy the advancement of their own journey (e.g. buying a gouache kit for someone who wants to learn how to paint). People love gifts like that!

Of course, there’s a hidden gift here too.

The gift of showing people you know who they are. You know what they like. You know what they struggle with. You know their dreams. You support their vision and goals.

Who doesn’t want to connect and do business with someone like that!

What gifts have you given your clients lately?