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December 29, 2020     Daily Post

Unconscious Culture Change

Unconscious Culture Change

Seen the changes?

Loud fashion is out. Exuberant expression of style took a nose-dive through the pandemic – collectively, consumers deemed it inappropriate in the times.

Showing off is down. Open Instagram and it’s still there, but tempered with a certain collective sympathy for the global crisis we’re living through.

‘Shop local’ is changing. While Amazon turns over billions a quarter and mom-n-pop shops struggle with COVID, supporting local business has entered the collective consciousness (not everyone doesn’t anything about it, as seen by Amazon’s explosive growth this year, but it’s a consideration more than ever).

The year has affected businesses large and small. The resistance from the general public to make conscious, circumstantial lifestyle changes could make even the most hardened optimist blink twice.

But culture doesn’t always change consciously.

Take heart: positive change occurs even in tough times.

And as businesses and creators of meaningful value in the marketplace, there is huge opportunity for innovation as a result.