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December 20, 2020     Daily Post

Go Deep Selectively

Go Deep Selectively

Do you like figuring things out?

Me too.

Not everything needs to be figured out though:

There is process for getting traffic to your blog. Many processes, in fact. It doesn’t need figuring out because it’s already been figured out.

There is process for getting people excited and engaged on your website. We wrote a book on it. It’s already been figured out, so nobody needs to start from scratch.

There is process for most things. That means we can go deep selectively, into areas that set us apart, things that make us unique, our areas of genius.

By going deep selectively, we spend more time making what makes us unique, unique. And we spend more time doing what we want to be the same as elsewhere, the same as elsewhere.

I suspect you’d rather spend your time going deep on your areas of genius anyway – so why not do so in a way that makes everything else great as a result?