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November 14, 2020     Daily Post

Diluting Your Capability

Diluting Your Capability

Adding certain things to our work takes away our power to do it well:

Testing and optimisations work best if done calmly and methodically. Adding hustle or urgency takes away our powers, as tests are cut short and optimisations become based on reactions and guesswork rather than empirical evidence.

Sales-related conversations work best if done calmly and methodically, keeping the needs of others above our own. Adding sensationalism and pressure takes away our power, as consumers tire of hype and pressure reveals a desperate rep.

Solving interesting problems happens best if done calmly and methodically, bending a process of divergent (and convergent) thinking with an empathy for those the solution exists to serve. Adding speed takes away your power, as rushing for extra dollars or to get past the uncomfortable parts of the process always leads to diluted thought and fractional output.

What are you adding to your work that could be taking away your power? What if you changed that?