I had a beautiful wall clock for my birthday.

Watching it keep perfect time without a single gram of silicon in sight to power it is a great reminder of a business formula I preach all the time in our companies:

Process + Hard work + Humility = Success

Process without hard work doesn’t tick. With no pendulum swinging back ‘n’ forth to keep the cogs turning, we won’t be able to keep time at all.

Hard work without humility doesn’t stay in beat. With some parts of the system thinking they’re better than others, the process won’t be adhered to (much less improved) and we won’t keep good time.

Hard work without process ticks and bongs at all the wrong times. Good intentions without the focus and discipline of process makes an impressive amount of noise, but it’s not to be relied upon to tell the time.

Process + Hard work + Humility creates a unique blend of focused, methodical, harmonized work that stays the same worst-case, and gets better with time best-case.

Does your company, team or cause run like clockwork?