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October 07, 2020     Daily Post

Slow Learning Is Fast Learning

Slow Learning Is Fast Learning

Want to know how to learn something new then forget it again, all in one day?

Watch a YouTube video about a thing, then do it.

It’s fast, efficient, and your brain doesn’t care to hold onto it. It’ll remember how to retrieve that information again, but it likely won’t remember what you did. You learned fast and so you learned nothing. You’ll have to repeat this routine many times to finally learn. Fast is slow.

How about if you’d like to quickly learn something and remember it for a very long time (possibly even for the rest of your life)?

Copy. Copy the picture on paper, write the words by hand, then copy it again.

From foreign languages to programming languages, how to structure a sales call or how to rebuild your toaster… copying is the slow way to learn it , and so it’ll be learned more quickly. Slow is fast.

Next time you need to learn something new, slow it down. It’s much faster that way.