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October 01, 2020     Daily Post

Manufacturing Weakness

Manufacturing Weakness

We wouldn’t manufacture weakness on purpose…would we?

Each time we lull ourselves with the melodic tones of inspiration, encouragement and assurance from internet gurus, we nurture weakness within ourselves. One in need of comfort during times we need to be uncomfortable, akin to staying under the covers because the room feels cold.

Each time we look past the need for Likes, followers and positive reenforcement, we’re able to step into the difficult work that makes great work great. A cold call “No” or a knowledge gap that needs addressing are but stepping stones toward a goal, rather than fate’s fatal blow to our dreams.

Each generation seems to have it worse than the one before it. Such is the opportunity for you – to nurture strength in response – to create the kind of meaningful body of work you’ve envisioned while others stay comfortable.

Power to you.