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September 22, 2020     Daily Post

Finished Enough

Finished Enough

When is something “finished”?

When it’s perfect? Every angle considered and addressed to a world-class degree?

When it’s past being criticized harshly? Where you can make absolutely certain that nobody will have a negative word to say about it?

When it’s everything you wanted it to be? Immortalized as the height of your abilities in its respective field?

The problem with searching for “finished” is the temptation to hide it from the world until it gets to “finished”… despite it often being the world’s touch that helps get it there.

It’s probably “finished enough” to publish and come back to. Learning from what people thought about it, or didn’t understand, or want to see more or, could help turn your work into something you can be really proud of.

Sounds like something “finished” to me.