For most marketing tricks, there are a few companies that jump to mind that succeeded with it.

Invite-only (scarce) websites? Tools like Dropbox and Dribbble come to mind, at least one of which we’ve all surely heard of.

Sensationalist Facebook ads? Several course creators with claims of outsized success come to mind, complete with whiteboards of untold wisdom.

Email signature placement? Hotmail’s explosion into fame put this one on the map, followed closely by Gmail.

The list goes on and on.

Striking it lucky with a trick who’s time has come, is one way to get the attention of those you wish to serve.

The other way is to simply serve them, creating bonds born from the disciplined pursuit of better understanding your choice of market.

The former can’t compete with the latter, because the latter doesn’t “wear out” like tricks do.

Is your plan to roll the dice again, or to turn your affections away from your products and toward those who might need them?