This is the 1000th consecutive daily post, yay!

That’s a post every single day since late 2017.

What can we learn from this?

Every day you think you don’t have an idea today, but when you train the creative muscle, simply sitting and engaging it is sufficient to produce a flood of creative direction. It’s a muscle, it can be trained. We get stronger.

Every day there are hundreds of other things going on. Each day there’s that niggling suspicion, “Could this be the day that things got too heavy to create?” But we’ve trained the muscle. We get stronger.

Every day it gets easier to create. When I reached the 500th post, 1000 felt impossible. But upon hitting 1000, 2000 doesn’t feel so bad. We get stronger.

Thanks for joining me on the journey to 1000 posts. I don’t plan on stopping just yet. I hope you’ll continue to join me on the ride of listening to (and documenting) the right voices in your head about marketing and business! 💪