Our team are in the process of changing the business cards they use.

If the online money experts are to be believed, the best reward/charge/cashback/whatever business cards are usually AMEX cards, usually thanks to a half-percent increase in some esoteric point or reward scheme you may or may not understand or care about.

They’re “better.”

But being based primarily in the United Kingdom, almost nobody accepts AMEX cards.

They’re not “the right kind of better.”

So they’re switching to an alternative that provides no esoteric point or reward schemes of any kind whatsoever. They simply make it easy to manage our cards across our teams, with a gateway (Visa) that everybody accepts.

For us, that’s “better”.

As our work develops, we’d all benefit from challenging every product enhancing idea with this question: “It might be better, but is it the right kind of better?”