Average and great – what’s the difference?

Average salespeople require a ‘silver tongue’ on sales calls, moving people forward through force of will alone.

Great salespeople don’t need any of that because they put in the work ahead of time – in research, attention to detail, carefully crafted roadmaps etc – so that calls are a breeze.

Average designers require a swipe-file of cool visuals that will help wow stakeholders. They describe their output with words like ‘pop’ and ‘flare’.

Great designers require an understanding of who they’re designing for and what those people want to achieve. They describe their output with words like ‘clear’ and ‘focused’.

What’s the pattern?

Average practitioners fulfil the expectations of their role. Great practitioners focus on solving problems for others.

Most of us have (or belong to) teams. Which are we surrounding ourselves with? Which should we be surrounding ourselves with?