“I already know that.”

Ever caught yourself saying this?

If so, let’s find your type:

The ‘Obvious’ type: “It’s obvious, I knew that already.” To these guys, everything is obvious. The fact that none of the obvious stuff gets implemented is tangential.

The ‘Reader’ type: “I read five books a month.” These guys have mastered the art of “already knowing” because learning outpaced implementation.

The ‘Delegator’ type: “I don’t need to know that, I have people.” These guys have successfully leveraged their time, but did so by abdication.

The problem with knowing, but not implementing, is that we lose our sense of what’s missing. Solving a problem intellectually and mentally moving on – prior to executing what we uncovered – fractures our growth and stunts our progress.

Next time you learn something, ask yourself, “What am I going to DO with this knowledge?”