Do you ever “lose your head”?

“Losing your head” tends to mean losing your cool, losing your patience, losing your confidence… for me, it means losing your clarity.

When we lose our clarity, we:

  • Stare at an idea without the inner-power to move it forward
  • Struggle to create instead of consume
  • Check Facebook instead of reading that book we’re apparently reading
  • Let our journaling practice ‘have a little break’
  • Change the due-dates on our important to-dos because effort
  • Lose the enthusiasm of our teams because we didn’t model it for them

When we keep our clarity, we:

  • Bend reality with our minds, making things happen with creativity & resolve
  • Dive deep into books that engage our interests and areas of growth
  • Get our to-dos done and our milestones on track
  • Model to our teams what people like us behave like
  • Create create create

If you think you might have lost your head, it’s worth spending a little time to go and find it.