You might have heard this advice before along your travels:

“You’re not selling a product. You’re selling emotion. People buy because of you.”

In social media app ‘Clubhouse’, I’ve heard this advice given over and over again the last few days.

It’s right… and wrong.

If you’re “selling a product”, I suppose you should consider selling with emotion, building rapport, and showing them why you’re a brilliant fit for them.

But if you’re instead invested in understanding the world of those you wish to serve, the journey they’re on, and assisting folks along their journey, it’s different.

First, you don’t have to sell anything. They’re already sold on making that journey. You’re just helping along the way.

Second, you and your emotions don’t come into it. Their journey – and their feelings about where they are in that journey –are the focus now.

When done right, marketing isn’t about you.