2021 is coming whether we like it (or are ready for it) or not.

It doesn’t care if sales are down. If people aren’t interested in what’s for sale, we get to change what we offer! Change is what you signed up for when you elected to serve a body of people.

It doesn’t care if products are struggling. If people have different needs, in different quantities or volumes or frequencies, we get to change to be a better steward of the responsibilities we chose when we called our people “clients”.

It doesn’t care if 2020 was difficult and you’d rather an easier year next year. ‘Easy’ is merely an environment where the lazy and careless get fat. 2021 is an environment where people like you get to thrive.

2021 doesn’t care. And so those of us doing meaningful, important work get to flourish thanks to our continued commitment and care for those we serve.