The gap between knowing the problem and knowing the solution is uncomfortable.

There could be seemingly endless routes to explore. There are unanswered questions and unclear parameters all standing between where you are and the solution you’re looking for.

And so we leap:

Leaps are assumptions made about what a customer might think about a marketing idea, without listening to them.

Leaps are product developments that could help the company and its customers, that are explored without first doing the work of understanding what developments people really want from you.

Leaps are recruiting people for roles that a team needs to fill, without first understanding what the roles are or what success looks like in those roles, so that the right people can be selected.

Each example outlines something that could good, then adds a “without” that makes it no good.

The leap is the “without”. We leap when we’re uncomfortable.

Making peace with discomfort is what creates the results we’re looking for. It’s how problems get solved.

Have you made any leaps lately?