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732: Is the Goal the Goal?

We all set goals. Did you set the right ones?

Designing a lovely new interface: is the goal a lovely new interface – something never seen before so you can impress yourself – or is the goal to support those who will use it toward their goals?

Pursuing a fatter wallet: is the goal to have more so you can give more to businesses that sell fancier toys – an unfulfilling cycle of ‘more’ – or is the goal to have enough so you’re free to do your meaningful work?

Building a legacy: is the goal to pat yourself on the back and attempt to last forever – which won’t happen – or is it to change the culture so that your time here made a difference for the benefit of those you care about?

We all have goals. The trick is being honest enough with ourselves to know if we’ve really set the right ones.

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730: Two Years of Daily Posts

One year ago, I wrote my first daily blogging milestone.

The points I made in it are no less true, yet I’ve more to add now I’ve doubled my discipline as of today, as I acknowledge the two year mark of daily posts:

You’re still never sure: Every new day begins with a clean slate for the blog; there are no idea lists or agendas. There is only the daily discipline of showing up for those trying to make a difference in the world, serving that day with the best gift I can with the time I have.

Noticing is a muscle: Noticing things – patterns, problems, opportunities – is largely what intelligence is measured on. While the repetition of ‘brain training’ apps remain a point of debate among scientists and psychologists, I can say unequivocally that my ‘noticing’ muscle has grown 4X in the last 2 years of showing up daily for those like you.

Discipline compounds: While I still like to set a time in the day to produce these, I find I can now enter the right “state” to create at a moment’s notice. Little warm-up or mental prep is required anymore. I’ve been able to apply this discipline to other mediums, as I prepare to produce even more value daily for those like you. Stay tuned for that.

My gift to difference makers like you has become a gift to me, too.

Thank you.

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729: The Question is the Answer

I was asked a question today regarding my book, ‘Marketing Isn’t About You’, and I thought I’d share it with you here on the daily post:

“What are some ways someone can ‘love them first, ask questions later’?”

“It’s worth sharing because it’s a great question.

One worth asking daily. In business, in marketing, in relationships, in life.

It’s one that has no one answer. The question is the answer.

Want to wash cars but nobody’s asking? Go wash their car. Let them know it’s your gift to them and if they’d like you to do it again next weekend, here’s your rate.

Want to help people eat more healthily? Go tailor a meal plan just for them. Maybe arrange a preferential rate on groceries for them, or make the meal for them. Let them know it’s your gift to them, and if they’d like help going further, here you are.

Want to help their business grow? Go make it grow for them. However you can in a way that is ethical and accessible. Maybe arrange a phone call or email lead for them that they didn’t see coming. Let them know it’s your gift to them and if they’d like more, here you are.

The question is the answer.

Allow me to pose it to you: What are some ways someone can ‘love them first, ask questions later’?

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726: Busy Doing the Right Things

“It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.” – Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

We all know we should plan.

As in, really plan things out – five year plans, maybe even ten year plans, we’ve heard it all before.

Here’s why you don’t do it, and why it doesn’t work:

  • It’s a whole to-do of its own: You’ve enough to do as it is, so sitting and trying to tell the future doesn’t make the cut.
  • It’s baseless: The things you write down aren’t based in reality and you’ve no idea if you can actually achieve them.
  • It’s forgotten about: The plan was made, then got left in a file on your computer, only to be found months or years later when it’s no longer true.

Here’s why you should do it, and what makes it work:

  • It’s a to-do that eliminates other to-dos: When you know precisely what you need to achieve this month to stay on course, a lot of tasks that don’t make that happen suddenly disappear from view.
  • You know what to do now: Rather than baseless list-making, the years can become months, the months can become weeks. Now you know exactly what you need to do.
  • Remember to plan or forget to live: Nobody realizes all of their life goals by accident. They do so intentionally. A forgotten list is a forgotten life – plan to really live.

We can choose to be busy doing the right things. We can choose to set course and focus on each step with fervor as we approach each one.

Or we can let time pass us by.



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725: Your Weeks Are Slipping By

I like months. We gave them names, so each means something different to us.

January and July are very different months. As are August and December.

We have emotions attached to each different month. In December we often become more reflective about the year just passed. In January we often become excited about the year ahead.

What about W49?

Enabling “week numbers” on our devices gives names to every week of the year. Except we don’t have much attachment to “W49”. Not like we do with “April”.

If “April” slips away without any progress or momentum, we feel bad. We lose April.

If “W49” slips away without any progress or momentum, we barely think anything of it. There’s always next week.

  • W49 should mean something to us: It’s a full week in December, a quarter of that month, and one we won’t get back.
  • Attachment to weeks gives us 56 goals to pursue: Not every week needs to launch a new product or other major milestones, but every week should mark a new level of achievement and progress toward things that matter.
  • Turn on ‘week numbers’ on your devices: We only get one shot at each week, just like we do each month. Know their names.

How would our meaningful, important work if we were to treat every week with as much significance as a year? What if our personal growth, professional development and relationships each had “W49” goals as well as just “November” goals?

Your weeks are slipping by. We can’t slow time, but we can pour more significance and intention into our weeks, if we choose.

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723: Setting Ourselves up for Success

There are two types of people.

Those who set themselves up for success, and those who expect others to set them up for success.

In our businesses I’ve experienced both. I thought I’d share some takeaways from the experience:

#1 You probably have around you people who want to help you grow and succeed. If you don’t, there’s a lot of people out there – go find yours.

In our businesses there are teams designed to make you grow. Perhaps your environment is the same. In such an environment, there’s no excuse to not grow, none, unless someone isn’t prepared to take advantage of the environment prepared for them.

#2 You are in control of this situation. If you want to grow, then grow. If you’re not growing, it’s up to you to do something about it.

We can all decide to ask for guidance and input on how to grow, then grow accordingly with everyone’s support. Or we can deem our circumstances unfavorable for growth, as though the world is mean and out to get us. We are all in control over how we respond, we all have the power to take initiative and seek guidance to grow. We’ve all the ability to surround ourselves with those who want to see us do exactly that. That’s why we developed an environment like this in our businesses.

#3 You have a decision to make. The question is, will you take the initiative? To become the best version of yourself, commit to doing the best work of your life, to geometrically compounding the quality of your craft and effectiveness of your communication?

We all have the ability to set ourselves up for success. But it rarely gets handed to us on a silver platter. Will you do what it takes?