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All posts in the Communication category

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759: Changing Their Minds

You can’t change their minds by showing them what worked for you, or what you believe.

The doctor wants to see successful studies.

The agnostic wants to see empirical evidence.

The SMB team wants to see safe money.

The enterprise department wants to see safe jobs.

The target market wants to see themselves.

The solopreneur wants to see why it’s going to be OK.

The designer wants to see your process.

The developer wants to see your source code.

Everyone wants to see something. That something may differ from yours.

It’s not about you. Who’s mind are you changing, again?

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748: The Best Story Wins

Every person, business, family and relationship has a story.

While doing work that matters, when we move our choice of market away from their pain and toward their goals in a straighter line than our competitors, why would anyone choose an unclear, convoluted alternative?

When we’re able to answer questions like these critically, then wrap the value we bring to the marketplace in a narrative our audience can resonate with, we have what our Creative team’s clients refer to as “a siren-call that speaks to the hearts of minds of those we wish to serve.”

Leave the flash sales and coercive copy to your competitors. Focus your efforts on creating a real connection with those you wish to serve.

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746: Why “I Don’t Know” Works So Well

Everyone has an opinion.

Unfortunately, many deem their opinions empirically factual.

Which is why “I don’t know” works so well:

Amateurs and ‘experts’ know everything. They have definite answers that address everyone’s concerns. They’re vocal about their universal ‘solutions’ in interviews, blog posts and Facebook Ads. And we don’t trust any of it.

Masters know what they don’t know. For every honest “I don’t know” we get, the more certain we feel in their certainty of what they do know. Their understanding of their world, including that which is beyond their mastery, gives us confidence in their abilities.

If you want to be perceived as an amateur, please, continue to have the answer to everything. It lets the rest of us know what’s really going on.

And if you’ve achieved mastery, please, continue to be confident in your “I don’t know”.

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742: What Else Could It Be?

That thing that you make… what else could it be?

Email, or direct mail? If someone needs us to write one, they may need it written for the other, too. A tiny bit of extra effort opens whole new doors.

eBook, or audiobook? If someone needs the former, they should know part of their audience may want the latter. A bit of extra effort opens while new doors.

Stakeholders, or beneficiaries? Rather than extra financial padding, a bit of extra effort enables a chosen cause to benefit massively from your additional spoils.

Each time you solve a problem for your choice of market, consider the question: “What else could it be?” Often, we notice the problem we’ve solved goes far beyond the prescription we’ve delivered and, with a bit of extra effort, so much more good can be done.

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740: Get it Said

Let’s get to the punchline: Get it said.

A client needs to close or leave? Get it said. If they need your help, why delay with timidity and uncertainty when you’re sure you can move them forward? If they’re not a fit, why entertain the conversation and waste both your time

A team member who needs to join or leave? Get it said. If they’re the right fit, it’s worth fighting for. If they need letting go, it’s worth sorting it out early. In any case, there’s no sense beating around the bush.

A cause needs supporting, or changing? Get it said. Why advocate for those you’re invested in if they no longer represent your values? Better to address early so you can move into work that matters.

Sometimes the punchline needs to come first. No need to delay.

What are you avoiding getting said, that would move your work forward were you to do so?

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731: Why We Don’t Trust You

“Building trust” while marketing your important work need not be a mystery. Here’s why we don’t trust you:

Because we can tell that you’re reading a script. Whether it’s on a sales call or a video for Facebook, we can hear it in your voice. We can see your eyes dancing along the autocue. We know that thoughts aren’t with us in this moment, so we wonder why ours should be with you.

Because we’ve seen this all before. We see your $997 online course and boilerplate ad script. We judge you by the leaders you look up to, that teach you to charm the dollars away from those who need them more.

Because you were afraid to be real with us. We can tell when someone’s being brave. When someone is doing important work for important reasons, something we can get behind. When you pick out gifts just for us, and when you regift last-minute.

Exactly who are you doing all of this for?