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769: The Impact You Wish You’d Make

You have two missions.

The first is the one you tell people about. The nice, workable, “good job” mission. The one that feels pretty much attainable for you, with what you believe you’re capable of today.

The second is the one you’re afraid to tell people about. The one inside your heart. The one you wish you could make, the big difference, the dent in the universe.

The universe would be a lot more dinged up – for better – if more people like you focused less on the first, and more on the second.

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768: “And Now For Something Completely Different”

Monty Python we’re onto something.

Everyone in your industry making the same sort of offers? Why not try blowing the minds of those you wish to serve with something radically new, something that will spread on its own?

Everyone in your industry running the same promotions? Why not change the game by gifting your market with something more powerful, intimate, engaging or honest than they’ve ever experienced anywhere else?

Everyone in your industry using the same structure, patterns, or value proposition? Why not outsmart you’re competitors with a value matrix that focuses precisely upon what your people really want, instead of merely “doing the done thing”?

When “everyone in your industry” is doing it, you’ll only succeed by out-muscling your competitors. Are your pockets deep enough for that?

Why not simply out-think them, instead?

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767: What’s The Point?

What’s the point…

…In this sentence? Words that don’t create intentional change are better left unsaid.

…In this post? Content that doesn’t create a change for those it was made for are better left unpublished.

…In that product or service? Offers that don’t create real transformation for their target markets are better off discontinued.

…In that company? Teams doing unimportant work that doesn’t create a net-positive impact on the world are better off insolvent.

When it comes to your meaningful work, the value you produce for the marketplace, and the story you tell… what’s the point?

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766: What Is Business Growth, To You?

Is it an obvious question with an obvious answer?

“More money and stuff ‘innit.”

Let’s consider the reality of this, though:

Growth could mean more freedom to choose projects that engage you, or to choose only a tight-knit team you really enjoy working with, or to only work certain days or times. Freedom is an acceptable byproduct of growth.

Growth could mean making more impact in the areas you’ve elected to take responsibility for, be they charities, community initiatives, or philanthropic ventures. Making a difference is an acceptable byproduct of growth.

Growth could mean creating jobs for people who may not otherwise have them, or to build a culture that changes the culture. Making great environments for people to do meaningful work is an acceptable byproduct of growth.

Why do you want to grow?

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765: The Things You Don’t Need… But Do

Focus and implication are essential to success. But remember not to cheap out on those in your care:

Your mobile app doesn’t need customizable app icons for the season. Yet when Twitterrific (a great Twitter app) gives a ‘baby yoda’ option during ‘Star Wars season’, you feel how much their team cares about your experience.

Your website doesn’t need to proclaim how it deliberately doesn’t track your user behavior. Yet when Basecamp (a great project management app) makes a rally cry against tracking (with technical proof), you feel how much their team cares about your privacy.

Your marketing doesn’t need to really understand you to get passable results. Yet when BuiltForImpact (a great website system) makes a focus on powerful storytelling website to transform brands, You feel how much the team cares about helping good companies succeed.

What don’t you need… that you actually really need?

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764: The Things You’re “Supposed” To Do

It’s a choice.

Travel to conferences and events: Go to them if they engage you and bring out the best in you for the benefit of your important work. Or stay home with your family if that engages you more, and let someone else to go. It’s a choice.

Overwork in the name of ‘hustle’: Do it if it engages you and brings out the best in you for the benefit of your important work. Or pick a pace of sustainable long-term engaging ‘toil’ instead, where you may not out-work them, but will almost certainly out-last them. It’s a choice.

Check your email this many times: Live in your inbox if it engages you and brings out the best in you for the benefit of your important work. Or pick 1-2 times per day you’ll engage email. Or let someone else do it if they’re better at it. It’s a choice.

Whenever something you’re “supposed” to do comes along… What will you choose?