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All posts from April 2020

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871: When You’re Doing It Wrong

When your website is about your widget (instead of your visitor).

When your heart is set on corporate growth (instead of personal growth).

When you’re worried about keeping up with others (instead of creating a path).

When you’re agonising over tech purchases (next year’s will always be better).

When you’re arguing on social media (instead of leading people forward).

When you’re eager for the next close (instead of the next conversation).

When you’re shipping because it’s good enough (instead of because you’re proud).

When you’re cheaping out on marketing (instead of investing in communication).

When you think you know best (instead of being OK ‘unsure’, then finding out).

When you resent overwhelm (instead of realising that’s what growth feels like).

When you avoid fear (instead of realising that’s what growth feels like, too).

We could go on and on, couldn’t we?

Here’s the one to remember:

Is my behaviour aligned with my vision?

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870: What The Future Holds

We don’t know, do we.

Years of prosperity then a recession.

Your best work is rejected because a client doesn’t understand (and you couldn’t make them understand).

A change in your health strikes, changing the game for you and your family (or your team).

We don’t know what the future holds. We can only know ourselves – are you the sort of person who will meet every day’s challenges and opportunities with the same fervor and resolve as you met today?

If that’s enough, relax. You’ve got the future covered.

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869: You Get To Set The Price Of Success

The “price of success” is lower than you think.

It goes up when you forget what it means. If success becomes “driving a car with a badge on it that ‘successful’ people drive”, then the price increased. Nothing wrong with the car, just be mindful that you set the price yourself.

If goes up when you do things you hate. If success becomes material (such as the car), you’ll sacrifice immaterial things (such as your time) to any task – whether you love it or hate it – for as long as is necessary to get the material. Nothing wrong with the car, again, just be mindful that you set the price yourself.

It goes up when you don’t address your highest need. To contribute. Successful people know that the only logical thing to do after capturing the world, is to give it away again. Most only learn it after the fact. Now you know, it’s a choice for you.

Now you get to set the price yourself, what price will it be? It could be to do what you love, to get what you need, to make a difference in the lives of those you wish to serve? It could be to do what you hate, to get what others say you should have, to wonder if there’s more.

Your choice.

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868: Oh Look, Another _________ In My Feed

Oh look, another marketer in my feed selling me his Facebook ads service. We’ve all seen them, and they all look the same. It’s like a relay race of navy blazers and Maseratis, each following the same script as the one before it. We’d remember any of them if any of them did something a bit different, such as focusing on us instead of themselves.

Oh look, another book that will “change my life” in my feed for me to “just cover the shipping” on. We’ve all seen them, and they all look the same. Another relay race of ‘funnels’ and up-sells designed to make money accidentally fall out of our pockets. We’d remember any of them if any of them did something different, such as focusing on us instead of themselves.

You use the same Internet that I do. You’ve seen these patterns.

Do you follow them, or do you… do something different, such as focusing on those you wish to serve, instead of on yourself?

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867: Crossing The Line with Targeted Ads

If you didn’t know there was a line, you already crossed it.

If you wave at a stranger in the street, you’re being nice. If they show up at your door the next day asking to come in so they can tell you their life history, that’s now weird.

If you watch part of a video on Facebook, you’re just browsing. If that brand then appears to know every site you’ve ever been on and follows you around accordingly, that’s no weird.

We know where the line is in normal everyday human interaction. There doesn’t need to be a literal like drawn for us to understand what “boundaries” are.

Yet most businesses cross it daily in their online advertising.

The solution: dignify people by using your social sensibilities. They’ll thank you for it far more than they will if you knock on their door every day.

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866: Enough COVID Talk

These are uncertain and unusual times.

We get it.

Let’s address the world being uncertain once and for all.

Note that things will go up & down. Just as they always have. We’re getting off the “11 years of prosperity” bandwagon, and should prepare our conduct for a future with both ups and downs.

Note that things require you to change the way you see your relationship with the marketplace. Your audience still has problems, doesn’t it? Until every person you’ve elected to place into your care has a perfect life, you’ve got work to do. Now more than ever, it’s about them, not your widgets.

Note that the market is becoming evermore intolerant of opportunists. We’ve heard enough “We are in uncertain times, buy a Toyota from our dealership today” commercials. We smell your lack of integrity and we don’t buy it.

Marketing – and business – is becoming increasingly focused upon those you wish to serve, and serving them well, just like our marketing communication team has been suggesting for over eight years.

Is your conduct rising to the opportunity of service for our new economy?

Note what matters for you – and that it’s unlikely what you were told should matter. And that’s OK.