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All posts from March 2020

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841: You May Have Heard Email Is Dying

You may have heard that email is dying.

It’s not.

The newsletters that blasts customers with offers to buy things – they’re dying.

The automated responder lists that track your every move and hound you to progress – they’re dying.

The over-designed, over-polished, this-wasn’t-made-for-me emails you can’t trust – they’re dying.

Businesses and individuals continue to use email every day, just like they always have. Open rates aren’t going down for no reason, customers have simply learned what ‘spam’ is, and they extend that term to more things than they used to. They don’t want to be bombarded with pervasive, never-ending offers anymore.

Email was always supposed to be a conversation, wasn’t it?

Those never go out of style.

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840: What Does A Virtual Office Mean To You?

A lot of virtual working is taking place today.

Many do it out of choice – like our team do – and many have been forced to due to the international pandemic.

Which begs the question: What does a virtual office environment mean to you?

An easier place to hide? This is one option. Have someone wiggle your mouse for you periodically while you go for a run. Tell them you’re working hard while perusing Facebook instead. Nobody’s looking over your shoulder, so you can either prove them right for trying, or prove you can do better…

An easier place to produce meaningful work? This is the other option. Use the newly found headspace previously consumed with watercooler talk for something good. Produce more thoughtfully, intentionally and bravely now that you have the margin and freedom to asynchronously lead your work forward.

A lot of companies have been worried about the idea of working virtually for a long time.

Validate their concerns… or prove them all wrong.

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839: While Quarantined

While many are being asked to work from home during the global coronavirus pandemic, there is concern that the market will contract and less work will get done.

With no distractions from other workers and an environment entirely of their design, people are expected to produce less important work than usual.

Conversely, it’s said that when Shakespeare was quarantined due to the plague, he wrote King Lear.

What can we learn from this?

Now is yet another opportunity to do great work. We always had this opportunity, but with any change comes the opportunity to ask ourselves if we’ll take that opportunity.

Things are different, you can decide if different means better or worse. It can mean wrestling for toilet paper supplies, or it can mean focusing in on doing work you can be proud of.

What could you achieve while quarantined?

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838: Think For Yourself & Lead

An ode to thinking for yourself and leading others well:

“Read this book and make $$$.” If it were that simple, it’s likely been done. Chasing the easy wins leaves us only with what used to work in our hands. One must think for one’s self and select advisors wisely.

“Don’t panic, the government has the COVID19 virus under control.” Except they don’t. Control is in the hands of individuals and many behave selfishly in times of trouble. One must think for one’s self and select advisors wisely.

“There’s nothing you can do to change this.” Except you can. Influencing positive change in any area of life is in the hands of individuals and many could look to you and your body of work to lead them.

We need you to lead us. We’ll follow if you prove yourself to be wise council.

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837: Create More

What are you not creating right now that you know you should be?

That skill you’re developing is overwhelming and challenging until you embrace the act of doing it imperfectly at first. When you create more with the new skill, it won’t be new for long.

That content you wanted to make is overwhelming and scary to put out there until you embrace the act of doing it imperfectly first. The sooner you press publish more often, the sooner you get to the content you wanted.

That project you’re strategising, researching, discussing, planning, roadmapping, brainstorming, flowcharting and journaling… is only a project when you actually do something. The sooner you create, the closer you get to your project becoming a reality.

You get better when you do it more.

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836: Celebrating The Ride

I’ve long thought that business culture should spend less time celebrating “success” (in the way it defines success today) and more time celebrating “the ride”.

Illustrators celebrate illustrating, not “dominating their art style”, as though the destruction of their sector is applaudable. Instead, they enjoy their art style and the many that differ from their own, contributing to thriving artistic communities that make everyone better. And they enjoy every bit of it.

Jewelers celebrate creating beautiful works of art, not “building the next killer ring”, as though ‘killing’ a corner of their craft is a goal they’d ever want. Instead, they enjoy the act of creating, they enjoy the creations of others, and they congregate frequently to appreciate each others work and grow in their skill. And they enjoy every bit of it.

Business, social enterprises and producing meaningful work are all challenging rides. They’re not easy. But it’s a little easier when newcomers and upstarts aren’t peer-pressured into becoming overnight zillionaires.

Enjoy the ride, friends. You’ll create better work if you do.