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All posts from March 2019

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475: So Good They Can’t Believe You

Two types of company have to fight to be believed:

  • Inauthentic or unconfident: Where those you wish to serve don’t believe you because you’re a mediocre company selling a mediocre product or service.
  • Authentic and disruptive: Where those you wish to serve don’t believe you because your work is so exquisite it appears too good to be true.

For those in the former camp, I’ve no interest in helping you. But for those in the latter, we should focus on connection: the trust we need comes in direct proportion to the quality of the relationships we form and the promises we keep.

(Tip: The trust comes when we keep our promises and keep up the quality of the relationships. can help with these factors so you can focus on bigger problems.)

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474: Urgent Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Everyone’s got an urgent matter to attend to. Only yours is urgent to you, though, isn’t it?

  • AIDS only feels urgent if all your friends are dying from it. Yet it’s likely not as “urgent” for you as that important presentation you need to make next week. Seems odd in perspective, doesn’t it?
  • Your presentation only feels urgent if you’re the one responsible for it. Nobody else in that room will feel its urgency like you will. It may not matter to anyone at all in 3 months time. Seems odd in perspective, doesn’t it?

When placed side by side, we can deduce that one is much more of an urgent problem than the other.

Are you allowing the right things be “urgent” to you?

(Tip: Many “urgent” business problems can be solved with better market communication. can help solve that so you can focus on bigger problems.)

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473: Your Business Problem Is Probably One Of 2 Things

We think that problems come at us from all angles. They don’t. Usually they come from one of two places. For example:

  • ‘Not enough sales’: a communication or systems problem. Are we saying the wrong things to the wrong people, or is our system flawed?
  • ‘Not enough customer satisfaction’: same again. Are we not communicating the value of our work, or is our system flawed?
  • ‘Not enough imp act with our work’: same again. Are we not connecting with the right people and saying the right things, or is our system for creating that impact flawed?

Your next business problem will probably be a communication or a systems problem. How much energy do you invest in those areas?

(Tip: For the communication side of things, will help you sort that right out.)

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472: Disruptive Businesses Mostly Disrupt Themselves

Srikumar Rao, MBA business school professor, said, “Everything is nothing but a vehicle for your growth.” Vishen Lakhiani cites this quote online in relation to career, business, life, even love and kids:

  • Business challenges exist for our growth: The way we embrace them (or become engulfed by them) are merely an opportunity for us all to grow. Not only in our aptitude for what we do, but in our attitude toward life.
  • Social issues exist for our growth: By taking responsibility for them and then tackling them, we move humanity forward through progressive betterment of society. It’s everyone’s responsibility to rise to this challenge.

Your next problem is right around the corner. How will it help you grow?

(Tip: If standing out in the marketplace is your next problem, can help with that.)

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471: How Our Beliefs Affect Our Results

Does what we believe about a situation, such as a sales conversation or a social issue we want to solve, affect the outcome?

In many ways, yes, thanks to all the ways we humans communicate that we don’t control:

  • If you expect your problem to perpetuate, be it a sale you think will fail or a deal you think you can’t make, others will smell that all over you. Your words may be perfect, but your lack of belief will be contagious.
  • If you believe your problem will be solved, be it that sale, that deal, a systems problem or a social issue, others will smell that all over you, if you’ve reason to believe beyond that of a hope and a prayer. Your belief will be contagious.

We wouldn’t be able to deliberately control things like eye contact, humor, familiarity, mirroring and disclosure all at once, all of the time. But if we genuinely believe in our work–if we commit to doing the best work of our lives–then we don’t have to.

(Tip: If we’re intentional about our communication in our marketing, we can put our best foot forward every time. can help with that.)

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470: You Are Not Your Failures

Being in business to make an impact is a hard, hard road. Cause-driven companies shoulder more burdens than any other entity in the market. Consider this a short reminder:

  • A soiled $20 is still $20. The value doesn’t decrease just because it’s been in circulation for a long time. Your harsh lessons learned are still lessons learned. If you didn’t ignore them as do many do, you’ve grown.
  • A fine wine is fine because it’s old. The value increased just because it’s been around for a long time. Your skills aren’t what they were 6 months ago. If you look back and cringe, celebrate: you’ve grown.

Growth is a decision, just as taking responsibility for a good cause is. Ours is a hard road. You are not your failures.

Tip: If standing out in your market is one of your trials, might be able to help you grow, too.