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All posts from February 2019

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444: What Banks Can Teach Us About Customer Care ​

If you started your meaningful business and lead it to some level of success, you may have experienced these two scenarios:

  • When you go into a bank without much money, you’re pointed to a chair and asked to wait, before someone batches you through their paperwork with below-average rates at an open desk.
  • When you go into a bank with lots of money, every rep wants to shake your hand, the manager is called over to meet you, and you’re seen in a private office with all the time you need.

If banks treated every customer like a VIP, how many more members would they keep? The only change is the degree of love and respect their teams need to extend to those in their care.

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443: Are You An Accidental Expert? ​

If you do something for long enough, you’ll be an expert at it, for better or worse:

  • An expert craftsman is someone who practices a craft for long enough to be perceived as better at it than somebody else is. If you’re practicing a lot, you might just have something valuable to share with the world.
  • An expert whiner is someone who looks negatively (no, it’s not being a ‘realist’) at things for long enough that everything seems negative to you. This is a habit more tough to quit than smoking, so watch those thoughts.
  • An expert leader is someone who lead others for long enough to figure out how to finally do it right. You don’t need to be perfect or profound to be an expert, you merely need to be getting it right, at long last.

For better or worse, if you stick at something long enough you’ll become an expert at it. T’is a blessing and a curse. Choose wisely.

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442: The P.I.E. Breakdown Of Setting Goals ​

We could break down people’s goals into… a P.I.E. chart… comprising of 3 types:

PIE: People, Ideas, Execution.

  • Execution folk discuss what they’re doing, and how they could do it differently. It’s always about action with these people. Ideas come up as a means to execution. Goal = action.
  • Idea folk discuss what they could do that differs from what they’re doing. They even believe they will, one day. They won’t. Goal = talk.
  • People folk discuss other people, places, and events. Not ideas, and definitely not the eminently uncomfortable execution. Goal = comfort.

What’s your goal?

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441: Are You Who You Really Say You Are? ​

I’ve met two vastly different types of self-proclaimed proponents of cause-driven capitalism. Which do you feel more intrinsically resonates with you?

  • “We make donations to several different charities” – This type of proponent is a pseudo-proponent. They do it for seemliness and accolades as a vehicle for progress and unethical market advantage. Buyer beware.
  • “We took full responsibility for this problem” – This type of proponent is a genuine artifact of difference-maker culture. They do it not to appear generous or for the ‘feel good factor’, but because it’s the central reason for being in the marketplace in the first place.

As sellers, a critical look at these extremes will reveal to us where we stand. As buyers, a critical look will reveal who deserves our hard-earned dollars.

Where do you sit on the scale?

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440: Having The Confidence To Be “The Best” ​

We have it backward:

  • The people who like to claim to be #1, normally aren’t. They collect a lot of market share undeservedly and unashamedly through their claim, while delivering mediocre results via their ethical void.
  • The people who don’t like to claim #1, often are. They collect people who realize their genius, providing they’re able to look beyond “#1”. Those able to will receive more powerful results via a heart of service.

Here’s a script-changer: if you’re the best, have the confidence to say so. Otherwise someone half as skilled and half as ethical will.

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439: Can Our Beliefs Positively Influence Our Work? ​

Beliefs divide people. What if they didn’t?

  • If you believe dressing for success helps you create important work, does it matter if “it’s true”? Might believing it make it self-fulfilling?
  • If you believe feng shui can create more luck for you as you do important work, does it matter if “it’s true”? If you believe it helps you, then let it help you.
  • If you believe the divine is helping you achieve your important work, does it matter if “it’s true”? Maybe the strength you derive from thinking so is no bad thing?

Believe what you want. But use it to do something great.