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All posts from May 2018

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171: You don’t need another strategy

There’s a recurring problem with great strategies.

You risk “collecting” them instead of improving your execution:

  • Don’t worry about having more strategies until you execute what you already have consistently.
  • ‘OK’ can beat ‘great’ if the ‘OK’ is executed consistently and the ‘great’ is merely sporadic.
  • Poor execution ruins good strategies; “Radio ads” are only strategic when coupled with “Great communication”.

Great strategies aren’t Pokémon. You don’t need to “catch ‘em all” to win.

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170: Sales isn’t a cure-all

We’ve heard the phrase, “Sales cures all”. Not so:

  • If you’re not covering overheads, they’ll bankrupt the team.
  • If you can’t deliver effectively, they’ll ruin your reputation.
  • If you’ve no cause or mission, they’ll distract you from better work.

Momentum, on the other hand, can cure all: sustainable, well-executed enrollment and delivery that moves you closer to your collective cause. One step at a time.

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169: Premium vs “premium”

Which feels more premium: a slick slide deck or a simple pencil sketch?

“‘Bespoke’ is a true collaboration between patron and artisan, where conception starts with a single line on paper.” – Rolls-Royce

When one of our teams swapped their (polished) slide decks for live pencil sketch presentations:

  • Calls felt more personal: A sketchbook is an intimate space, so collaborative note-taking made the calls feel more intimate, too.
  • Ideas felt more tailored: The offers didn’t change. But unique presentation made them feel inherently more unique.
  • Experience felt more premium: A live drawing and annotating of ideas, despite being rough and low-fidelity, felt more premium.

Premium experiences are more personal, tailored, and unique. Sometimes all that’s required is a pencil and paper.

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168: Leaders make leaders

What are “leaders” actually supposed to produce on a team?

  • We can’t lead teams we don’t understand. So leaders make leaders out of those who do.
  • We can’t know everyone’s craft intimately. So leaders make leaders in each field so each craft is covered.
  • We can’t focus on everyone all the time. So leaders make leaders who in turn lead others.

The outcome of designers should be more design.

The outcome of copywriters should be more copy.

The outcome of leadership should be more leaders.  

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167: The same but deeper

How many times a day do you check your email?

Or any modern tool that beeps and dings for your attention?

Here’s a challenge for you:

  • Count them. Each time you check a communication tool, take note, tallying up throughout the day.
  • Gulp them. Set 2-3 times in the day where you will gulp the communications you would normally sip throughout the day.
  • Go deeper. Use the time you saved to dedicate deeper focus to your work – deeper focus often means better results.

We can’t always choose to forgo these tools when they’re integral to our team, but we can choose to do the same, but deeper.

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166: On doing everything at once

“There are no great things, only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

“Everything at once” is too many things:

  • All the sales calls you“ll make this year and the sales you must make, versus simply giving your full attention to just the next call, counting success as having had the chance to serve.
  • The book you’ll release this year and all that comes with it, versus simply giving the next sub chapter your full attention, bringing your best self to those pages.
  • The whole new product roadmap and getting everything launch-ready, versus simply making next milestone your best one yet.

When we focus on what’s next, the remaining “everything” tends to take care of itself.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” – Zechariah 4:10 (Partial) (NLT), Bible