Inspiration isn’t what it used to be.

Are you a creative person? If you are, you’ll probably be familiar with the euphoric feeling inspiration hitting you in the face.

It really is great.

After all, inspiration is synonymous with creativity. Innovation. Originality. Genius. And the road to inspiration can inspire all of these things. The challenge, however, is actually finding it when it’s so frequently confused with expression.

You see, harboring expressions of inspiration may put your creativity at risk. Here’s why.

Cool can be a killer. Ever looked at a design and thought “that design is really cool. It would work great for my project”? “Cool” can tempt imitation instead of inspiration.

Design isn’t copying. Design is problem solving. Copying puts you at the risk of providing a solution to the wrong problem.

No two problems are alike. If they are, why are you wasting your time trying to solve this one?

Design can be like marketing. Marketing is irrational. If it’s been done before, it’s unlikely to have the same impact again. You’ll never be first to the party when you’re mimicking expression.

Copying the veneer won’t reflect your vision. It’ll reflect theirs. Absorb the process, not the result. Without the process, your result is a ship with no sail.

Finally, it’ll make you go soft.

I love to discover new ways to immerse audiences in memorable experiences. That’s why I’m a designer. I love to be creative. Do you?