Things are different when you’re exposed.

Most designers and developers are familiar with the “dribbblization” of their craft. The notion of showing only your best while hiding the rest has put our polished pixels in shapewear, while our processes are left in the cold.

Design is both the process of creating things and the product of that process.

Sharing one’s process can be scary for creatives. The fear of being misrepresented by unfinished work or having ideas stolen from us can transform the most beautiful part of design into a dirty secret.

Let me ask you this: do you listen to the fear?

The more you listen, the more you hurt your work. To design is to solve human problems and, contrary to what fear says, revealing your process will involve the very people you’re designing for.

It’s also worth noting that, most of the time, people are too lazy to steal your ideas. Ideas are nothing without doers. The passion behind your idea can’t be stolen.

Process is where real design takes place. Don’t hide it.